Predict the success of your Kickstarter Campaign

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How we make the magic happen

Kickstarter Success predicts whether your campaign will be successful so you can take the guessing out of your next fundraising effort! Just input your campaign details and we’ll tell you whether your campaign will be successful or help you make adjustments

A World of Kickstarters

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53.4% of Kickstarter campaigns are successful

$4.5M raised on Kickstarter to date

Successful campains on average last 32 days

Successful campaigns raise an average of $25K

Tabletop Games is the top category on Kickstarter

Successful campaigns had an average of 289 backers

Campaigns that were successful raised an average of $15k above their goal!

3d Printing is the category with most money raised successfully on average

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Natural Language Processing

From our database of over 280K kickstarter campaigns, we use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze the campaign names and descriptions. The NLP outputs new features used to train our models in order to understand what words and phrases impact a campaign’s performance.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning model is trained on the kickstarter dataset of over 280K campaigns including information like the campaign name, short description, category, monetary goal, duration, and country to make predictions on the outcome of your campaign.

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Data Analysis

We use SQL to query our Database tailored to each user’s project design. It allows for unique results that continuously provide feedback based on the current set-up or any changes that the user would like to make.